Welcome to Kermodei Healing and Wellbeing

My name is Dan, I am the founder of Kermodei Outdoors and Kermodei Healing and Wellbeing.

 My journey on life's path has had, like so many people, it's twists and turns and up's and down's.

 I began my career teaching in the outdoors and had spent many years developing my skills and expertise in this area, which led on to the founding of Kermodei Outdoors. As this business grew, so did I.

More recently I started my spiritual journey, which allowed me to develop skills in healing and wellness. This led on to the desire to offer these services and, as such, Kermodei Healing & Wellbeing was born.

The Creation and Birthing of Kermodei Healing and wellbeing was not easy as this has meant that I have had to stand in my truth, challenging social ideology and norms. Now I stand here today, proud to be the owner of both aspects of my creation. 

I have been guided by my totem animals and spirit guides and as such I have grown a lot from a spiritual point of view. One of my predominant totem animals is the bear, 'which is reflected in the Kermodei logo'.

Bear symbolises the awakening of the unconscious and gives the power to restore harmony and balance. Bear is truth and strength, and indicates time for healing ones self and to provide healing for others.  Restoration is at the heart of Kermodei and is reflected in all that we deliver.

Like the bear I journey in the outdoors, restoring balance using nature and its elements. I also allow further healing, reflection and balance restoration in the safety of my cave.(healing room)

The sun:

Step out allow the light to energise you.

It is time to shine, light the fire in your belly


MY Challenge to You

The challenge goes out to all who wish to accept it. Are you ready to heal, to open up your heart and live life to the full? Do you take opportunities and leave behind all that no longer serves you? Are you living life to the full, following your dreams?

- does that make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, give you heart palpitations, slightly nervous

- or does it make you look at your life and reflect and feel a little sadness because you realise that time is passing you by... now you feel stuck.

-and then we have the feeling of excitements and exhilaration and you want more...

Whatever you feel and wherever you are in your life's path, I challenge you to take a leap of faith and heal. Make the effort to smile and even say good morning/afternoon/evening to all that you see in your day. In doing so watch the change in the persons face...

You have just provided your first healing.

 Are you ready to come out of hibernation and step on to a path of great inner discovery?

Not sure of your path? Come for a reading!

  We pride ourselves in guiding all those that use us on their journey to success and fulfilment.


I offer a variety of services all of which are found on the service page.